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The bee population is in rapid decline and it's up to you to take matters into your own hands.

Our Magic Bee Balls are filled with wildflower seeds that are custom made for your area to encourage bee pollination. 

Buy. Plant. Save.

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Bee Statistics

+ Over 90% of bee colonies have disappeared in the last 50 years.

+ 70/100 top crops worldwide require bee pollination.

= The number 1 way to help the bee population is by planting flowers.

Help Save The Bees

How Can i save the bees?

  • Buy

    Select the package of your choice to be shipped right to your door.

  • Plant

    Drop the Bee Balls in an area as directed on the package. Proper care techniques will be given with your kit. 

  • Save

    Help the bee population recover from near extinction by offering a sustainable environment. 

Choose Your Magic

5 FREE - Bee Balls

5 FREE - Bee Balls

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Bee Ball Box - 16 Count

Bee Ball Box - 16 Count

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All Natural Bee Balls - 10, 25, 50

All Natural Bee Balls - 10, 25, 50

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Questions? we have your answers.

How do Bee Balls help?

Planting flowers that bees love encourages a flourishing environment. Your flowers will be chemical and pesticide free which is the number one factor in the decline in bee population over the last 50 years. 

Is the glitter bad for the environment?

Sow Magic Bee Balls are made using nontoxic biodegradable glitter which is safe for the environment and wildlife.

We also have all natural Bee Balls that have no color to them.

Where Do I Place My Bee Balls?

You can place your Bee Balls anywhere that will get rain and sun. We recommend a damp area with soil. Other ideal places include abandoned flower beds, parks, or pots with soil. 

What kind of flower will bloom?

We have a variety of wildflowers that will be included in each kit. We carefully select the seeds to ensure the quality is high and there are minimal weeds that grow. 

**Seeds are selected for your individual region**

How many seeds do I need to plant?

We want you to plant them all! Typically 2-3 Bee Balls per 1 square foot will give nice coverage, however, it is all preference on how dense you want the flowers to be.